Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: An In-Depth Comparison & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a premium pizza oven, the Roccbox and the Ooni Koda 16 are two top contenders. That said, these two pizza ovens offer a very different set of features that will appeal to different kinds of people. For more on Roccbox vs Ooni, be sure to check out my in-depth analysis here.

The Roccbox is best for those who want an “authentic” wood-fired cooking experience in a compact oven big enough for a Neapolitan pizza. On the other hand, the Ooni Koda 16 is best for those who want to make larger pizzas and prefer the convenience of propane.

This article delves into the details of these two models to help you make an informed purchase.

Gozney Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16 pizza ovens
Photo: The biggest difference between Roccbox and Ooni Koda 16 is the baking surface size.

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Key Features at A Glance

FeatureRoccboxOoni Koda 16
Price$499 (plus $100 for optional Wood Burner 2.0)$599
Baking Surface Size12 inches16 inches
Weight44 lbs40.1 lbs
Materials UsedStainless steel, silicone outer jacketHigh-grade stainless steel
Fuel TypeMulti-fuel (gas, wood, charcoal)Propane
DesignCompact, portable, unique rolling flame featureLarger, sleek design, L-shaped burner for even heat distribution
Ideal ForVersatility, portability, wood-fired pizza enthusiastsLarger pizzas, simplicity, propane-only operation

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Gozney Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: Pros & Cons

Ooni Koda 16 L shaped propane burner helps pizza crust cook evenly.
Photo: The Ooni Koda 12’s “L-shaped” burner provides optimal flame coverage.

Ooni Koda 16


  1. Large 16 inch cooking surface.
  2. Propane is simple to use.
  3. High-grade stainless steel construction with carbon powder-coated finish.
  4. Fast heat-up times and good heat retention.
  5. Sleek, attractive design.
  6. “L-shaped” burner provides ample flame exposure.


  1. The Ooni Koda 16 is slightly more expensive than the Roccbox.
  2. Only works with propane.
  3. Larger size makes it less portable.

Gozney Roccbox


  1. Lots of fueling options—wood, charcoal, and gas.
  2. Compact size makes it very portable.
  3. Retains heat extremely well.
  4. Rolling flame design gives entire pizza good exposure to flame.
  5. Lower price for base model (without wood and charcoal burner).


  1. Smaller 12 inch cooking surface.
  2. Heat control is more difficult when using wood and charcoal.
  3. Might not be able to reach or maintain maximum temperatures if you’re not experienced using wood and charcoal.

Ooni Koda 16 vs Roccbox: Very Different Pizza Ovens for Very Different Users

new york pizza crust neapolitan Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: An In-Depth Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
Photo: New York and Neapolitan styles require different sized cooking environments.

The Ooni Koda 16 and the Roccbox, while both high-quality pizza ovens, cater to very different needs and preferences. The Ooni Koda 16 favors convenience and larger pizza sizes, while the Roccbox is designed to emulate a smaller wood-fired Neapolitan pizza oven. 

The Ooni Koda 16 has a huge 16×16 inch baking surface, while the Roccbox is only big enough for a 12 inch pizza. This not only affects the size of the pizza you can make in either oven but the style as well. 

So, let’s say you’re someone who plans on making New York style slices (probably the most popular pizza style outside of Italy). In this case, the Ooni Koda 16 is your best bet because with the Roccbox, you’re limited to a 12 inch pizza at a maximum. This is a problem because New York style pizza is typically large, which helps give it its characteristically thin and foldable crust. 

Sure, you can make a 12 inch New York style pizza, but if this is your preferred style then you’re much better off with the Ooni Koda 16, which is designed for larger pizzas. The Ooni Koda 16’s easily adjustable propane burner is also better suited for lower temperatures, which is how New York style pizza is typically cooked.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who is excited at the idea of wood-fired cooking and authentic Neapolitan style pizza, then the Roccbox is the obvious choice. Not only does the Roccbox support wood-fired cooking, it’s also the perfect size for a standard 12 inch Neapolitan sized pizza. 

The Ooni Koda 16 is More Versatile

new york style pizza Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: An In-Depth Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
Photo: The Ooni Koda 16 is ideal for large New York style, but it can do Neapolitan as well.

That being said, while you can’t cook a 16 inch pizza in the 12 inch Roccbox, you can easily cook a 12 inch Neapolitan style in the 16 inch Ooni Koda 16. This makes the Ooni Koda 16 a more versatile choice in terms of the shapes and sizes of pizza you can make in it compared to the Roccbox. The only difference is you’re limited to propane using the Ooni Koda 16, but that won’t be a big deal for most people.

For this reason, I think the Ooni Koda 16 is the best choice for most people. There’s definitely something “romantic” about the idea of smoke-infused wood-fired pizza, but it certainly isn’t a requirement to make a delicious pizza. Also, many people underestimate how difficult it is to start and manage a wood-fired flame if you don’t have any prior experience. 

Wood-Fired Cooking Isn’t For Everyone

is it worth buying a wood fired pizza oven
Photo: Wood-fired cooking is more authentic, but difficult to learn.

Of course, wood-fired cooking isn’t that difficult to learn with a bit of practice. But I find most people just end up using propane in the end because it’s so much more convenient. Just hook up the gas and turn it on. And if you need to adjust the temperature, you just turn the knob up or down, compared to fussing around with a pile of burning wood. 

I don’t say this to dissuade anyone from giving wood-fired pizza a try, because it’s something I truly enjoy and get a lot of fulfillment from. I’m simply being realistic about the hassles of cooking with wood, and the fact that the smoky wood-fired flavors (while delicious) aren’t the end all be all when it comes to pizza.

For many people, propane is just a better and more convenient option with fewer downsides.

Design and Construction

Both the Ooni Koda 16 and the Roccbox are solidly designed, durable pizza ovens. In terms of construction quality, I would rate them equally. 

The Ooni Koda 16 is made of high-grade stainless steel, which helps it to preheat fast and retain that heat between making each pizza. It also features a sleek, almost “space age” design, and a large baking surface. This pizza oven makes an attractive addition to any outdoor space.

Similarly, the Roccbox features a sturdy double-insulated body and an outer silicone jacket, which both help the oven retain heat and helps prevent burning yourself if you accidentally touch it while it’s fired up. The Roccbox is also sleek and attractive looking, especially if you opt for the all-black “signature edition” model.

gozney roccbox signature edition side Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: An In-Depth Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
Photo: The Roccbox is known for its sturdy, solid design.

The Roccbox gets a lot of praise for how well insulated it is, and for good reason. The Roccbox generally has thicker insulation compared to most pizza ovens, including the Ooni Koda 16, but for most people this won’t make much of a difference. Unless you’re using your Roccbox in a commercial environment, or find yourself cooking lots of pizzas for a huge crowd, the extra minute or two it takes to reheat between each pizza (if you’re even making more than one), shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Cooking Performance

When it comes to cooking performance, both the Ooni Koda 16 and the Roccbox are top notch.

 The Ooni Koda 16, with its larger cooking surface, can accommodate larger pizzas, and its “L-shaped” burner evenly distributes heat across the cooking surface, giving your pizza more exposure to the flame than a traditional propane oven.

ooni koda 16 best pizza oven Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: An In-Depth Comparison & Buyer’s Guide
Photo: The Ooni Koda 16 sports a huge, 16 inch baking surface and L-shaped burner.

But the Roccbox is no slouch either, with a design that encourages the flame to “roll” across the top of the chamber. This also gives your pizza plenty of exposure to the flame for an even cook almost every time.

The Roccbox, while having a smaller cooking surface, offers a unique rolling flame feature. This feature ensures even heat distribution, resulting in a perfectly cooked pizza every time. Despite its smaller size, the Roccbox can still cook a sizable pizza, making it a great choice for small gatherings or family meals.

You can rest assured that with either the Roccbox or the Ooni Koda 16, you’re buying a high-performance pizza oven. That said, if you aren’t experienced using wood or charcoal, you may have trouble getting the oven to stay at the high-temperatures necessary for wood-fired pizza, but that’s not necessarily the Roccbox’s fault.

Price and Value: Both Are Good Choices

When it comes to buying something as a pizza oven, price is always an huge factor. In this case, the price of the Roccbox and the Ooni Koda 16 are actually quite similar. Let’s go over some of the details to help you figure out what exactly you’re paying for.

The Ooni Koda 16 ($599), with its larger size and propane-only fueling, is slightly more expensive than the Roccbox. But, its huge cooking surface, easy setup, and quality construction actually makes it one of the most reasonably priced 16 inch pizza ovens on the market.

The Roccbox, while a bit less expensive at $499, offers great value with its multi-fuel capability and compact size as well. Its versatility and portability make the Roccbox a good choice for those who want to experiment with different cooking styles and don’t want to make larger pizzas.

But keep in mind that for $499, the Roccbox only comes with the standard propane burner. So, if you want multi-fuel capability (wood or charcoal), you’ll need to purchase the optional Wood Burner 2.0 for an extra $100, bringing the total price of the Roccbox up to $599.

This means that if you only plan on using propane anyways, the price difference between the Roccbox and the Ooni Koda 16 is only $100 ($499 vs $599). For me, a $100 difference between a 12 inch and 16 inch pizza oven is a no brainer—I’ll take the Ooni Koda 16 every time. But if you want multi-fuel as well, then it’s a different story.

Customer Support & Warranty

When you’re buying something as expensive as a pizza oven, customer support and warranty conditions are super important. Thankfully, both Ooni and Gozney (the maker of the Roccbox) are great on both counts.

Ooni and Gozney both offer at least a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on their pizza ovens, and basically a lifetime of customer support (in terms of helping you work through issues). Not to mention, both Ooni and Roccbox have huge communities of users online who are constantly sharing their experiences, tips, and solutions to common problems. 

I can confidently say that with either the Roccbox or the Ooni Koda 16, you won’t have any issues getting up and running, or getting replacements for defective or missing parts (warranty permitting, of course). Ooni and Gozney are both great companies dedicated to their users (which isn’t that common anymore, unfortunately).

Final Thoughts

Choosing between the Roccbox and the Ooni Koda 16 comes down to your personal needs and preferences. 

If you value versatility and portability, the Roccbox’s multi-fuel capability and compact size might be your perfect match. But if you’re after a larger cooking area and simplicity, the Ooni Koda 16 is the one for you.

In the end, both the Roccbox and Ooni Koda 16 are top-notch, offering unique features that cater to different preferences and styles. Plus, they’re backed by reputable manufacturers known for their quality products and extensive customer support. 

So, whether you’re a fan of big New York style slices or authentic Neapolitan pizza, you’re in good hands with either choice. Just remember, the best pizza oven is the one that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget best.

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