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Meet the Team

My House of Pizza isn’t a one man operation. We have our founder, Domenic, as well as a growing team of content creators, editors, and fellow lovers of all things pizza. Feel like you could add to our team, or have an idea for some content you’d like to contribute? Get in touch using the link below.

Note: The internet isn’t always the nicest place, so here at My House of Pizza we fiercely protect the privacy of all of our team members and contributors. That means some names and faces may have been changed to protect the innocent. To get in contact with us, use the information below and a real person will respond to you.


Founder, Writer
Domenic is the founder of My House of Pizza, and also our expert on all things pizza related. Domenic specializes in pizza ovens and pizza dough, but his real passion is in perfecting the art of regular home-oven pizza.


Writer, Content Strategist
Zoey is a professional writer with a passion for pizza and food in general. When she’s not planning content for the website, she’s asking Domenic for advice on her homemade pizza.


Website Admin
Without Imelda, there would be no My House of Pizza. Imelda is our resident tech geek who is responsible for all the technical aspects of the website, including formatting and uploading every post you see here.