About My House of Pizza

My House of Pizza is a website founded by Domenic Vitulli to help pizza lovers across the world make delicious homemade pizza in a home oven.

Professional pizza ovens are an increasingly common sight these days in kitchens, backyards and homes across the world. And while these ovens present endless possibilities for creating authentic traditional pizzas, they aren’t feasible for everyone. These ovens are expensive and often too big or dangerous to be used in a smaller home or apartment. For these people, the home oven is still king.

Home oven pizza is different from pizza made in a professional oven. The lower temperatures and open space of the typical home oven conveys a totally different set of qualities to pizza, especially the crust. Because of this, a totally different set of techniques needs to be employed and one must have a mastery of all the baking and cooking concepts involved.

This is the purpose of myhouseofpizza.com – to give the average home pizza chef the strategies and tips necessary to make an authentic pizza right in their own oven that’s as good as one made anywhere else in the world.