Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza – Tastiest Pizza Ever

This pepperoni and jalapeno pizza is one of my favorite spur of the moment recipes when I’m craving pizza. It combines the intense flavor of crisp pepperoni with the spicy acidity of pickled jalapeno. For this recipe, I’m opting for a pickled jalapeno infused Monterrey Jack cheese, but you can use sliced pickled jalapeno and low-moisture mozzarella with awesome results as well.

The dough only needs to be prepared a few hours in advance but the rise can be slowed down or sped up by tweaking the amount of yeast and honey.

pepperoni jalapeno pizza Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Pepperoni and Jalapeno pizza is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

Same-Day Pizza Dough Recipe

Unlike most of my other pizza dough recipes, which I ferment for 24-48 hours in advance, this one only takes a few hours before it’s ready to use. This recipe is made using the following simple ingredients:

  • Flour (00 is best, but All-Purpose works fine as well)
  • Water
  • Active Dry Yeast
  • Salt
  • Honey
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The benefit of fermentation is improved taste and digestibility, but sometimes you don’t know you’re going to want pizza on a random weeknight 48 hours in advance. So for this recipe, it only requires an initial resting period of 1 hour before forming it into a ball and then an additional 2-3 hours for proofing.

Working With Yeast

why pizza dough rises 2 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Photo: Proper yeast care is essential for a healthy pizza dough.

The yeast measurements I give in this recipe (see below) are intended for use 4-5 hours after preparation. However, if you plan on making your pizza dough in the morning and eating it 8-10 hours later, you can safely halve the amount. Follow the table below for general guidance.

Hours In AdvanceHow Much Yeast (Active Dry)
4-5 Hours3/4 Teaspoons
8-103/8 Teaspoons
Night Before1/4 Teaspoons
1-2 Days Before1/8 Teaspoons

Hopefully this table gives you an idea of how much yeast you need to use for your pizza dough based on your schedule. Of course, working with yeast is never so simple. Different kinds of yeast, different room temperatures and different amounts of honey or sugar will all affect how fast or slow your dough expands as it rests.

If you haven’t worked with yeast before, you may need to experiment a few times before you get it right.

For example, if you leave your dough to rest for 2-3 hours and you find it’s tripled in size with huge air bubbles coming out of it, you know you need to:

  • Use less yeast
  • Use less honey or sugar
  • Let it rest in a cooler room
  • Use the dough sooner
  • A combination of all these things

Climate plays a big role as well since yeast is more active under warm conditions. So, if you live in a warm climate, you may not need to use as much yeast or honey. Likewise, if you live in a cold climate, you may need to use more yeast or honey, or let it rest for longer.

These measurements are based on active dry yeast, however if you’re using instant dry yeast you’ll want to use about 20% less than what I’ve listed above.

Caputo 00 Chef’s Flour

caputochefsflour Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Very soft, fine flour makes for a delicate crust
Strong gluten is perfect for long fermentation
High quality, clean milling process
Protein: 13%
“W” Index: W300/W320
H20 Absorbability: 55-57%


Caputo 00 Chef’s Flour is my preferred flour for making pizza and bakes into the most delicate and refined crust possible. This flour is very strong with a high protein and water absorbability rate that makes it perfect for long fermentation times.


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Raw vs Cooked Pizza Sauce

new york style pizza Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

In the world of pizza sauce, there are generally two varieties: raw and uncooked.

For most kinds of pizza, including Neapolitan and New York City style, raw sauce is most common. This kind of sauce is made using canned or fresh tomatoes and cooking only happens during the brief baking process in the oven.

The benefit of a raw sauce is that it preserves most of the flavor of the tomatoes. Cooking the sauce changes the chemistry of the tomatoes and results in a very different flavor, especially when other seasonings are infused into it.

A cooked sauce, on the other hand, has a much bolder flavor which some people prefer. This kind of sauce can work well with New York and Detroit style pizza.

For this sauce, with its spicy peperoni and jalapeno, I’ve opted for a raw sauce. The pepperoni and jalapeno bring lots of intense flavor so the raw tomato goes with it perfectly.

In this recipe, I use an immersion blender. I recommend using one because I like a smooth sauce, but you can use a potato masher as well. Need an immersion blender? This one works great.

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Jalapeno Monterrey Jack Cheese

pizza seasoning 8 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Photo: Jalapeno jack cheese is like dried mozzarella but with a kick.

This recipe will work with any combination of pizza toppings you like, but I’ve chosen to go with pepperoni, low-moisture Mozzarella and pickled jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese. This particular Monterrey Jack cheese is infused with flecks of pickled Monterey Jack cheese but you if you prefer to use sliced pickled jalapeno from a jar that works great as well.

If you’ve never used Monterey Jack on pizza it’s actually quite good. Monterey Jack is closely related to Mozzarella and follows a very similar production process. I like to use it on pizza because it commonly comes with jalapeno or habanero flavors and often has a higher milk fat content than regular mozzarella. This gives the pizza a great taste and excellent melt on the cheese.

The great part about a pizza recipe like this one is that virtually any combination of cheeses works well. Looking for some inspiration? Try any of the following cheeses below:

  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Provolone
  • Havarti
  • Brick Cheese
  • White Cheddar
  • Parmigiano
  • Pepper Jack
  • Fontina
  • Gouda

Want more cheese options? Check out my article on the best cheese blend combinations for pizza here.

Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese

Domenic Vitulli

jalapeno monterey jack cheese Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Creamy Monterey Jack cheese
Spicy jalapeno peppers


Jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese is one of my favorite toppings for pizza, especially pepperoni pizza. This cheese pairs especially well with crispy, spicy meat toppings like sausage and pepperoni.


Old World Pepperoni

old world pepperoni what is it 1 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Photo: Regular pepperoni (left) and old world pepperoni (right). The old world pepperoni is thicker and forms a cup when cooked.

Any kind of pepperoni will work well for this pizza, but “old world” pepperoni, if you can find it, usually works best.

Old world pepperoni is not really from the “old world” at all, in fact it’s entirely an American invention. However, this kind of pepperoni follows some of the same methods used in traditional European salami and sausage which gives it a more authentic taste and texture.

When it’s all said and done, “old world” pepperoni is simply a higher quality pepperoni that typically comes in thicker slices and real animal sausage casing. This causes the pepperoni to “curl” or “cup” under high heat which catches grease and cheese within it.

If you haven’t tried old world pepperoni, you should definitely give it a try on your next pepperoni pizza.

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Bridgeford Old World Pepperoni

Domenic Vitulli

bridgford pepperoni Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
“Old World” style pepperoni sticks
Pepperoni cups and curls when baked
Animal casing (not artificial)


Old world style pepperoni is the best kind of pepperoni to use on pizza and Bridgeford makes it as good and tasty as anyone else. This pepperoni comes in sticks so you can cut them as thick or as thin as you like.


Vermont Smoked Uncured Pepperoni

Domenic Vitulli

vermont pepperoni Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
Smoked and uncured
No antibiotics or hormones
Natural beef casing
Gluten Free


If you like pepperoni but don’t like highly processed meats, this pepperoni stick is perfect for you. While not marketed as “old world” style this high quality pepperoni fits the bill and is made in a way similar to a high end salami or sausage. This pepperoni also comes unsliced which means you can cut it as thin or as thick as you like. I like this pepperoni in thick slices which helps it cup and curl in the oven.

pepperoni jalapeno pizza Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza


Pizza Dough

  • 145 g Flour (All Purpose or 00)
  • 3/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast (or slightly less instant dry yeast)
  • 102 ml Lukewarm Water
  • 4.5 g Fine Salt
  • 0.5 tsp Honey
  • 0.5 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pizza Sauce

  • 400 ml Can of whole peeled tomatoes (we’re only going to use a small amount)
  • 1/4 tsp Fine Salt
  • 1/2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pizza Toppings

  • 50 g Low-Moisture Mozzarella Cheese
  • 50 g Jalapeno Monterrey Jack Cheese
  • Sliced Pickled Jalapeno (optional, or if you can’t find Jalapeno cheese)
  • Pepperoni of your choice
  • 2 pinch Dried Oregano
  • Pecorino or Parmesan Cheese (a small amount grated or shredded under Mozz and Monterrey Jack)


Preparing The Dough

  • In a large mixing bowl, pour water and add dry yeast. Stir gently then add honey and incorporate everything well. Set bowl to the side as you measure out the dry ingredients.
    pizza dough recipe 7 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • In a separate bowl, add the flour and salt and mix them together.
    pizza dough recipe 6 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • Using a stuff spatula or wood spoon, add the flour mixture into the bowl of water. I recommend adding small amounts of flour at a time as you mix, this will make sure all of the flour is fully hydrated.
    16 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • When the ingredients are roughly mixed and all of the dry flour has been hydrated by the water, cover the bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes have passed, put the dough on a clean counter. Cover your hands lightly in olive oil and pat the top of the dough. Now, stretch and fold the dough over onto itself over and over again for 1-2 minutes. At the end, pull the dough ball towards yourself on the counter to make the skin tight and smooth.
    17 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • Place the dough ball in a lightly floured plastic container or baking pan covered in plastic wrap. Let the dough rest at room temperature for 2-3 hours.
    15 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

Preparing The Sauce

  • If you have an immersion blender, add the oil and salt to the open can of tomatoes and blend. If not, empty the can into a mixing bowl and and crush them with a potato masher. We’ll only be using a few spoonfuls of sauce for this pizza so the rest can go into a plastic container for later.
    nyc pizza sauce 1 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

Par-Baking The Crust

  • 2-3 hours later, Dump the proved dough onto a pile of semolina flour (AP flour will work too) and start working the dough into a disk using the flat side of your fingers. Be gentle and don’t poke holes into the dough with your fingertips. Flip the dough over on the flour pile as you work to prevent it from sticking to your hands or the counter. I recommend not using a rolling pin for this step for best results but if you prefer to roll it out feel free.
    13 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • When your dough is stretched out to an approximately 12 inch disk, using a lightly floured pizza peel, transfer it to a pizza stone that’s been preheated at your oven’s maximum temperature for at least 1 hour.
    12 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • 1-2 minutes later, the top of the crust should be bubbling up but still completely white. Take it out and place it on a cooling rack for topping.
    11 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

Topping The Pizza

  • Add 1-2 large spoonfuls of sauce to the center of the pizza crust and work it in circles around the entire pizza. Feel free to push the sauce right up to the end of the crust.
    10 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • Add dried oregano and a few fingers full of grated pecorino or parmesan cheese.
    9 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • Add mozzarella and jalapeno monterrey jack cheese to your preference. The amounts I’ve listed here are just suggestions, but in my opinion less is more. I like to have equal parts cheese and uncovered sauce for best results.
    7 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • Add pepperoni – as with the cheese, less is more.
    old world pepperoni what is it 1 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

Baking The Pizza

  • Slide the topped pizza back onto the hot baking stone and leave it in the oven for another several minutes.
    5 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • When the pizza is finished, the cheese will be completely melted with a few brown bubbles forming. The underside of the crust should be browned slightly (not blackened) as well.
    4 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever
  • If your crust is overdone before the cheese is ready, try par-baking the crust less next time. If the cheese is overdone before the crust is ready, next time try par-baking the crust longer.
  • Slide the pizza onto a cooling rack and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. When it’s cooled, slice it up and serve.
    1 Pepperoni and Jalapeno Pizza - Tastiest Pizza Ever

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What Goes Well With Jalapenos On Pizza?

Creamy cheeses like Monterrey Jack and spicy meats like pepperoni go very well with jalapenos on pizza. The buttery flavor of the fat in the cheese goes perfectly with the spicy umami flavor of the pepperoni and pickled jalapenos. Some other topping options that go well with jalapenos are banana peppers, deice tomatoes, provolone cheese and roasted red peppers.

What Goes Best With Pepperoni On Pizza?

Pepperoni owes its popularity to its versatility as a pizza topping. Pepperoni goes especially well with spicy toppings like jalapenos but goes well with many other toppings as well. The following toppings go amazingly well with pepperoni:

  • Olives
  • Steak
  • Habenero peppers
  • Jalapenos
  • Bell Peppers
  • Bacon
  • Arugula
  • Sausage
  • Mushrooms
  • Provolone
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Garlic oil
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Parmigiano cheese

What Is Jalapeno Pepperoni?

Jalapeno Pepperoni is a flavor combination that is very familiar to fans of regular pepperoni pizza. The heat of the jalapenos takes the already spicy pepperoni to another level. I recommend using pickled jalapenos from a jar for an even more intense pepperoni pizza experience.

Are Jalapenos On Pizza Pickled?

Jalapenos on pizza are not always pickled but I highly recommend giving them a try anyways. Pickled jalapenos are brined which gives them a more intense and vinegary taste than other kinds of jalapenos. Feel free to use pickled jalapenos on your favorite homemade pizza recipe because they pair well with almost any other toppings.

What Jalapenos Are Used On Pizza?

In general, jalapenos used on pizza are pickled. You can buy pickled jalapenos in a jar at most grocery stores. Alternatively, you can use a Monterrey Jack or Havarti cheese with shredded pickled jalapenos infused within it instead of slices. Either choice will be equally delicious.

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