7 Best Pizza Videos On Youtube

Here I’ve assembled 7 of the best pizza videos on YouTube that have helped me the most. I’ve learned so much from about making pizza from watching videos on YouTube. It’s such a great source of free information you’d be crazy not to take advantage.

Maestro Vito Iacopelli: Common Pizza Flour

Vito Iacopelli makes a pro-quality pizza using a common USA flour brand.

Vito Iacopelli comes from a multi-generational lineage of Italian pizza-makers. He’s probably one of the most experienced and professional pizza chefs sharing their knowledge for free on YouTube–a true maestro in the pizza game. I’ve probably learned more from Vito than any other pizzaiolo out there. Here he goes through making a pizza dough using the most common type of flour in the US and cooks it in a home oven. Watch it directly on YouTube here.

Alex (French Guy Cooking): No-knead Dough

Alex’s no-knead pizza dough recipe.

Alex, from the “French guy Cooking” YouTube channel, is an amateur food enthusiast with lots of fantastic Youtube videos. A few years ago he did a series documenting his own journey in creating the perfect Neapolitan style pizza at home. In this video he shares his method for making a delicious no-knead pizza dough at home. It’s actually a very similar method to my own I blogged about here.

Antonio Malati di Pizza: New Home Oven Method

An interesting method for cooking Neapolitan pizza in a home oven.

Another aspiring amateur, Antonio Malati is the owner and creator of a new YouTube pizza channel. Based in Italy, he clearly has a deep knowledge of Neapolitan style pizza and what it should look and taste like. So he’s made some fascinating videos, including this one where he uses a unique method of baking the pizza at the very top of his home oven for maximum heat. This one has definitely inspired me to get a bit creative with my cooking techniques. These videos are entirely in Italian, so be sure to turn on subtitles!

Alex (French Guy Cooking): Dough Slapping Technique

Alex learns how to slap like a Neapolitan pizza pro.

Here’s another video from Alex of “French Guy Cooking.” In this one, Alex learns the ancient Neapolitan art of “slapping” the pizza dough to stretch it out from a legitimate Italian expert. I haven’t mastered this technique yet myself but it’s definitely one of my goals. This one will take a lot of practice to master, so in the meantime check out my post detailing a much simpler method for shaping pizza dough.

Italia Squisita: Pan Pizza At Home

This is a great and simple pan pizza recipe for the home oven.

Stefano Callegari is no pizza amateur. In fact, he’s one of the most known pizza chefs in Italy. In this video, on the amazing Italia Squisita channel, he takes us step by step through his recipe for an amazing, authentic pan pizza. Even better, this recipe is designed for the lower heat of a home oven so it’s applicable to everyone. (Also be sure to check out my own pan pizza recipe here.)

Gigio Attanasio: Stovetop Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza cooked in a frying pan.

Gigio Attanasio is another Italian Youtuber who specializes in Neapolitan style pizza made at home. In this video, he takes us through an interesting method. He starts his pizza on a frying pan, to accelerate the cooking of the crust, and then transfers it to a pizza stone to finish.

Maestro Vito Iacopelli:

Vito Iacopelli’s NYC style pizza recipe.

This is another interesting video from pizza maestro Vito Iacopelli. Vito normally cooks Neapolitan style pizza, but here he takes a stab at creating a NYC style pizza. As a result, this NYC pizza has a distinct Neapolitan flair. Definitely one to try out if you’re craving something extra cheesy.

So there you have it, 7 of the best pizza videos on youtube. There are lot’s more where they came from too. It seems every day there is a new video posted that has some unique tip or trick that helps me up my pizza game. As a result, I’m a much better pizza-maker than I would be otherwise.

What are some of your favorite pizza videos on youtube?

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