Is Roccbox Made In China? Yes, But…

One of the most popular home pizza ovens in the world is the Gozney Roccbox. While it’s manufactured in China, it’s designed and engineered in the UK using commercial grade technology. That means it is up to UK, US, and EU quality and safety standards, unlike many of the knockoff budget pizza ovens you can find on websites like Amazon and Alibaba. 

The quality and manufacturing of the Gozney Roccbox is similar to that of other high-end pizza ovens. More specifically, parts and assembly may be in China, but the Roccbox maintains a high production standard that has earned it its place as a household name.

For reference, the following table shows where several of the most popular pizza ovens are designed and manufactured. As you can see, it’s quite common for portable pizza ovens to be designed in a western country and manufactured in China. This has both positive and negative implications.

BrandDesigned InMade In
Gozney RoccboxUKChina
Solo Stove Pizza OvenUSAChina
Stoke Stove Pizza OvenUSAChina
Big Horn Pizza OvenUSAChina
is roccbox made in china?

The Roccbox Is Designed & Engineered In The UK

The Gozney Roccbox is the brainchild of Tom Gozney, who founded his company under the namesake Gozney. Tom is from Lymington, a small port town in England. And so the company is based in Dorset, England. Building on this UK-base, they’ve recently expanded with other international offices, including a new headquarters in Utah.

As of writing this article, the Roccbox maintains its UK base and standards. And it remains a pizza oven designed with quality and performance in mind. 

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Is Roccbox Made In China? In Short, Yes.

The Roccbox is currently made in China using commercial grade technology and materials. Presumably, Gozney handles its manufacturing in China for both cost and logistical reasons.

While this might be concerning to some people, it shouldn’t be. The Roccbox is manufactured according to the highest standards, and UK based Gozney maintains quality control over each unit sold. In fact, many other premium quality pizza ovens, like Ooni, are manufactured in China as well.

Specifically, the Roccbox is assembled using the following parts:

  • Grade 304 stainless steel
  • Cordierite stone
  • Calcium silicate board
  • Insulation wool
  • Safe touch, high-heat, commercial grade silicone

Note that another one Gozney’s high-end ovens, the Gozney Master, is hand cast in the UK, which is unique in the pizza oven market. This oven is only available for shipping to the UK, however.

The Roccbox: Global Availability

As Gozney grows, the Roccbox is becoming more and more available across the globe. If you are in the US, Canada, Australia, or the EU in particular, you should be able to find a Roccbox fairly easily. 

Whether or not you can order a Roccbox online will depend on where you are and the particular bundle you’re looking for. The same goes for shipping costs. 

Ultimately, companies change their policies and manufacturing practices, and Gozney has different approaches for different products. So while it’s usually a safe bet that the Roccbox and other products will be made in China, you can always check for product information specifically on their website

Is the Gozney Roccbox made in China?

Yes, the Gozney Roccbox is manufactured in China, like most pizza ovens today. But, unlike some cheaper models, the Roccbox is designed and engineered in the UK, meaning it meets the same quality and design standards you’d expect from products made in the US, UK, and EU.

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