Why the New Ooni Koda 2 Max Is A BIG deal for Pizza Ovens

In Brief: The Ooni Koda 2 Max is a brand new gas powered pizza oven set to release in May 2024. Its main selling points are a huge 24 inch baking surface, “dual cooking zones”, and a digital temperature hub and mobile app. It’s priced at $999 for the propane model and slightly more for natural gas.

Another day goes by and another new Ooni pizza oven gets ready to hit the market.

It’s been a busy year for Ooni, having already released the Volt 12 and Karu 12G last year (which we loved). And by the looks of it, the new Ooni Koda 2 Max looks set to impress us even more.

If you follow me on Medium, then maybe you already know about this. But in case you don’t, here’s what we know so far.

The new Koda 2 Max pizza, has some pretty cool features that are worth talking about. This oven is big, with a massive cooking area of 24 inches. That means you can cook a couple of pizzas at the same time, along with side dishes, which is great for pizza parties and family gatherings.

Two Pizzas, Two Temperatures, All At Once

But what really steals the show with the Koda 2 Max is its new and advanced features. This oven isn’t just big, it uses something called G2 gas technology. This lets you control two different cooking areas in the oven at the same time. So, you can cook pizzas with different temperatures on each side of the oven.

For example, you could cook a pizza right in the middle with both burners turned up high. Or, you could cook a pizza more to one side, adjusting the burners so one is low and the other is high. This flexibility makes it really interesting to see what kind of pizzas you can make.

This sounds amazing, but I’m really curious to see how this works in practice. Will I be able to seamlessly cook a NYC style pizza at a lower temperature alongside a traditional Neapolitan pizza at a high temperature? By the looks of it, the answer seems to be yes, but of course only time will tell.

Two pizzas cooking side by side in the Ooni Koda 2 Max pizza oven.

No Wood-Fired Option

Like most things in life, nothing is perfect. The same goes for the Koda 2 Max which lacks a wood-fired burner, which might be the only con going against this oven. For the price, you might have expected one.

That said, I don’t think it takes away from the value of this pizza oven, even at nearly $1000. Most people prefer to use gas because it’s easier to get going and requires less maintenance. But if you have your heart set on a wood-fired pizza oven, you’ll need to look elsewhere – like the Ooni Karu 16 (which we also love) for $799.

Monitor High Temps With The Ooni App

Just like all Ooni pizza ovens, the Koda 2 Max can get really hot, up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s about 500 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for making authentic Neapolitan style pizza. It also has a Bluetooth connection, so you can keep an eye on the temperature from your phone using the Ooni app. There’s even a digital probe to check the exact temperature inside.

Ooni Koda 2 Max temperature hub.

Our Favorite Features (so far):

  • Advanced Heat Technology: Utilizes G2 gas technology for consistent and efficient heating.
  • Huge Surface for Cooking: Features a 24-inch cordierite stone, perfect for either large 20-inch pizzas or a variety of smaller items.
  • High Temperature Capabilities: Achieves maximum temperatures of up to 950 °F (500 °C).
  • Zone Controls: Offers two distinct cooking zones, each with independent burners for flexible temperature management.
  • Remote Monitoring: Comes with a Bluetooth-connected digital hub for checking temperatures via the Ooni app.
  • Precision Tools: Includes a digital probe for accurate measurements of internal temperatures.
A front view of the new Ooni Koda 2 Max pizza oven.

Releases This May 2024

The Koda 2 Max will be available to order starting May 28, and it’s priced at $999. Considering all these features, like the big size and dual burners, it seems like a good deal, especially if you love making lots of pizza. So, keep an eye out for this oven if you’re into trying new ways to cook your favorite pizzas!

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