Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Get Hot Underneath? Not So Much…

Ooni pizza ovens get hot—up to 950F in many cases—which is what you expect from a premium quality pizza oven. But this intense heat can make it difficult to know where to put the oven when it’s in use, especially when there’s concern that it might damage (or melt) the surface supporting it. So, if you’re wondering if Ooni ovens get hot underneath, here’s your answer:

Despite the extreme temperatures inside, the bottom of an Ooni pizza oven remains relatively cool (generally around 100°F) thanks to a thick layer of insulation underneath. This is especially true at the point where the legs of the oven make contact with the table, which means it’s safe to use on most surfaces.

That said, there are some precautions to be aware of when placing an Ooni oven on any surface. I’ll also mention some tables specifically designed for supporting pizza ovens.

Warning: Regardless of how hot or cool you think the exterior of your pizza oven is, you should always use caution when touching it and never allow children or pets near it when it’s in use.

Ooni pizza ovens get hot underneath Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Get Hot Underneath? Not So Much...
Photo: Ooni pizza ovens get hot inside, but the bottom remains relatively cool.

The Design and Insulation of Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni pizza ovens are designed to reach super high temperatures inside, which is great for cooking pizza. This isn’t unique among pizza ovens, either. Even the cheapest no-name knock-offs are able to reach skin-scalding, table melting temperatures.

This is one of the factors where a good pizza oven is different from a cheap or mediocre one—insulation. Cheap pizza ovens have very little insulation, which makes them inexpensive to produce, but at the cost of heat retention and safety. 

Insulation is basically what prevents heat from escaping the oven while it’s fired up, similar to how the insulation in a house keeps the cold outside and the heat inside. This is also what makes the difference when it comes to how long it takes a pizza oven to preheat and how hot the exterior is to the touch. A light, flimsy pizza oven is rarely a good one for this reason.

Fortunately, Ooni pizza ovens are made from a powder-coated double-walled stainless steel shell with thick layers of ceramic fiber insulation. This ensures fast preheating times, a consistent cooking temperature, and prevents the outside from getting too hot (for the table or your hands).

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Ooni Ovens Can Get Hot Underneath, But They’re Generally Safe for Most Surfaces

ooni modular pizza oven table Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Get Hot Underneath? Not So Much...
Photo: Ooni pizza ovens remain cool underneath, especially at the point where the legs touch the surface.

Despite the high temperatures inside, the bottom of an Ooni pizza oven stays relatively cool—typically around 100°F (30-40°C), which is quite a contrast to the heat inside.

Now, most people asking this question aren’t actually concerned with how hot the oven is underneath. Rather, they want to know if it’s safe to put their Ooni oven on whatever table they have in mind—whether it’s plastic, glass, or wood.

Thankfully, at the point where the bottom of the legs of the Ooni oven hit the table, the temperature is barely higher than the ambient temperature of the air outside. This is especially true at the feet of the legs, which are made of a rubberized plastic to ensure it never gets too hot.

Safe Surfaces for Ooni Pizza Ovens

Given the Ooni’s cool bottom, and even cooler legs, you can place it on almost any surface that’s sturdy enough to support it. This means common table materials like wood, metal, glass, and stone are generally perfectly safe to use.

That said, it’s still important to think about the material’s heat resistance. For example, you’d want to avoid plastic surfaces or tables with a plastic coating, as they could warp or melt from the heat, especially on an extremely hot day. Also, surfaces that are sensitive to heat, like certain types of varnished or painted wood, might not be the best choice either.

MaterialMaximum Temperature Resistance
Wood300°F (149°C)
Stainless Steel2,500°F (1,371°C)
Glass1,472°F (800°C)
Aluminum1,221°F (660°C)
PlasticVaries widely, some plastics begin to melt at as low as 212°F (100°C)
Ooni Modular Pizza Oven Table (Powder Coated Mild Steel & Stainless Steel)392°F (200°C)

Ooni’s Modular Pizza Oven Tables Are A Safe, Convenient Option

If you’re looking for a table to place your Ooni that’s not only completely safe but convenient as well, Ooni’s modular pizza oven tables are specifically designed for their pizza ovens. These tables provide a sturdy, heat-resistant surface for the oven, and they also have extra space for preparing food and storing items.

Using an Ooni table means you don’t have to worry about whether the surface material is suitable. Plus, it makes cooking with Ooni pizza ovens much more convenient and efficient. No more utility or card tables required!

This medium sized Ooni modular pizza oven table is big enough to fit any Ooni pizza oven (and probably most non-Ooni pizza ovens as well). There are bigger options if you prefer as well.

Final Thoughts

The design and insulation of Ooni pizza ovens help keep the extreme temperatures inside from heating up the base. This means you can place these ovens on a variety of surfaces, as long as they can handle a bit of heat and are sturdy enough to support the weight. 

But for a more streamlined cooking experience, you might want to consider one of Ooni’s dedicated tables. While I’ve covered the main points about heat distribution in Ooni pizza ovens, it’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for safe and effective use.

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Does the Bottom of an Ooni Pizza Oven Get Hot?

Ooni pizza ovens get extremely hot, but thanks to a thick layer of insulation underneath, the bottom doesn’t get nearly as hot. This makes Ooni ovens safe to use on most surfaces, as long as its strong enough to support its weight.

For the best results (assuming you don’t already have a table), I recommend using an Ooni modular pizza oven table for a convenient and safe pizza making experience.

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