If you’ve ever wondered how much dough you need for different pizza styles and sizes, this calculator is for you.

Just select the type of pizza you want, the desired size, and how many dough balls you need and the calculator will do the rest.

If you need a pizza dough recipe based on a specific dough ball size, you can check out my pizza dough calculator here. It even works with poolish.

A batch of pizza dough balls proofing in a proofing tray.

How to Use This Pizza Dough Ball Size Calculator

Step 1: Select Pizza Size

Choose the size of the pizza you want to make from the dropdown menu. You can pick from personal (8 inches) to large (18 inches).

Step 2: Choose Pizza Style

Select the style of pizza you want to make. Each style has its own unique dough requirements. Options include Neapolitan, New York, Detroit, Chicago, California, Sicilian, and New Haven.

Step 3: Pick Flour Type

Choose the type of flour you’ll be using. Different flours change the texture and chewiness of the crust. You can select from All-Purpose, Bread, Tipo 00, and Whole Wheat.

Step 4: Enter Hydration Level

Enter the hydration level for your dough. This is usually between 50% and 75%. A higher hydration level makes the dough softer and stretchier.

Step 5: Specify Number of Dough Balls

Enter the number of dough balls you want to make. This depends on how many pizzas you plan to bake.

Calculate and See Your Results

Step 6: Click Calculate

Press the “Calculate” button to get your results. The calculator will show you the recommended dough ball weight based on your selections.

Step 7: View Results

You’ll see the dough ball weight in grams and ounces. It will also show the total dough weight for the number of dough balls you entered.

Reset and Start Again

Step 8: Reset

If you want to start over or clear the results, just press the “Reset” button. This will clear all inputs and the result display, so you can make new selections.